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Networking Extra! and TossEm!
     If you need to use either Extra! or TossEm! on a network, special steps are required in order to accomplish this functionality. Please follow the steps contained within this document to accomplish this task.
     After installing either system, you can only access its data from that same computer. In a network environment, you will want to share this data with other computers on the network. Never use the computer that acts as the server as if it were a workstation. Doing so will cause you to lose information!

     Networking Extra! and TossEm! is accomplished thru the use of the Borland Database Administrator. This program is automatically installed with Extra! and TossEm! and is accessed through the Windows' Control Panel.

Follow these steps in the order presented:

Make sure that each client computer is mapped to the server computer.

In the left panel, you will see a new entry that reads STANDARD1. This entry is ready to be renamed. Change the name from STANDARD1 to EXTRAROOT.