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Dennisoft, Inc. creates and supports Windows based newspaper circulation management systems that help small publishers, independent newspaper distributors and carriers manage every aspect of their business from the initial sale, to servicing the account and collecting the subscription fees. We have been providing software systems and support to help manage these businesses for over 20 years. That experience is reflected in all our systems, placing them among the most comprehensive and functional systems that you'll find anywhere.

We currently offer two subscription management systems, both of which can be downloaded and evaluated prior to licensing...

Extra!, is multiple newspaper subscription management software package that handles both newspaper and magazine circulation. This newspaper circulation system is designed for small publishers and both small and large home delivery and retail outlet distribution operations.

WingIt, is a multiple publication software package that is designed exclusively for the service only distributor or larger distribution operation that is not responsible for any billing.

You will be hard pressed to find low cost subscription management software systems as powerful, comprehensive and easy to use as these. No one system has everything that you could ever want or need, but it can always be added! If you like one of our systems, but it lacks a feature that you need, just let us know. It can be added quickly and at a reasonable price.

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